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Once upon a time there was a girl called Jenny. Jenny was 5 years old and she lived in London. Jenny wasn’t an ordinary girl because she lived in an orphanage. Jenny’s parents had died in a car accident when she was only 1 year old baby. Jenny had often thought why all this had to happen to her or not to someone else. She didn’t enjoy living in the orphanage because she had no friends and she thought that nobody noticed her there. The poor girl had waited long, that someone came and took her with them.

Years had passed by and nobody hadn’t come until one day an old woman came to the orphanage. She was looking for a child that was her missing grand-child. She explained how her daughter and her husband had died in an accident 10 years ago and she had looked for their daughter for a long time but she hadn’t find her. Jenny listened behind the corner and the orphanages one of the nurses came to Jenny and announced the big news. Jenny couldn’t believe her ears. She ran to her grand-mother’s and cried. Jenny’s grand-mother took her home and they lived happily ever after.

Like this:



Every Cloud Had A Silver Lining.

Every Cloud Had A Silver Lining. :

Thick and dark clouds sometimes obstruct the sun. When it happens, the surroundings darken. It is not a pleasant sight. But if we look at the clouds carefully we can see that their edges are tinted with a silvery glow. This glow tells us that the sun is somewhere there behind the clouds. As time passes, the clouds will move off and the sun will come out of it. This clever metaphor is used in the proverb to denote that sorrows and calamities are only momentary. Wherever there is sorrow, happiness will be somewhere nearby. Whenever there is shadow, light should be nearby. And whenever there is darkness, the bright light is near. The proverb teaches us not to lose hope in the hours of darkness and sorrow. It reminds us to be optimistic and hopeful. It tells us not to lose heart because it might be just when we are about to quit that victory reveals itself. Like the silver tint on the edges of the dark cloud, happiness always lurks behind the darkest hour. ‘The famous poet Shelley has expressed the idea in one of his poems - ‘The ode to west wind’ in which asks, ‘if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’

Every Cloud Had A Silver Lining.


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