Ap English 12 Summer Reading Assignment Letter

2017 Summer Reading--all semesters, all teachers

Note: the hyperlinks should open MS Word or PDF files. Formats for these files are occasionally scrambled in browsers, so we recommend downloading the files and opening them independently of sharing systems like Google Docs. In AP Lang formatting, use of space, and all other components of writing are important. This includes margins, typeface (font), and placement of graphics.

This work must be completed by the first day of class. It is critical for you to be prepared and to have an understanding of how our course works and what our goals will be. If you fail to complete these assignments, you demonstrate to us that you are not ready for the rigor and required effort of an AP course, more specifically this AP course.

  1. Read Kevin Kling’s essay "Rhetoric". Write up a working definition of rhetoric (about 200 words, though that’s an arbitrary amount of writing; write more if it takes more). Think of this as an exploration of what rhetoric is and isn’t. Consider how language works in various situations. What is Kling saying about language? About rhetoric?           
  2. Read and take quality notes on Part I of Everything’s an Argument. Part I is comprised of four chapters (PDF): Chapter 1--General; Chapter 2--Pathos; Chapter 3--Ethos; Chapter 4--Logos. We recommend printing them so you can highlight and annotate. Note--use the "rotate document" button on the Web Reader version of Adobe Reader.
  3. Close-read Annie Dillard's essay "The Death of a Moth" and create a thorough Close Reading Journal (CRJ). This link opens an MS Word version of the essay, produced for educational purposes only. You may notice that the document has a wide right margin. This margin is no accident. If you prefer, stop by and borrow a hard copy of "50 Essays," which contains the Dillard essay and many other pieces we will study.
    • Beware: Virginia Woolf wrote an essay called "Death of The Moth." You may read this essay but it is not the assigned essay. Further beware:  several versions of Dillard's essay are found on the web. Most omit some of the text we will study. Reading the wrong essay is not an excuse for missing questions. The last two paragraphs of the proper text begin "And that is why..." and "I have three candles..." 
    • Follow these directions: Dillard CRJ to complete the assignment. This will take you a fair amount of time if you do it correctly.

OPTIONAL: AP Comp is a course about writing. The teachers have been heavily influenced by books about writing. We recommend that you read in this genre, too. We recommend that you read Bird by Bird by Anne LaMott, Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, Words Like Loaded Pistols by Sam Leith, or another book about writing. As indicated, this is optional, but because this course is a close study of language and the composing process, books like the three listed will prime you for this new way of thinking about how we use language—how we write. 

English 10 Honors

Welcome to Honors 10! Below you will find assignments that you should complete before our first class as they will form the basis of our first several classroom discussions. Our hope is that the following text will encourage you to look at the world differently and that our subsequent discussions will help you to be mindful citizens.

English 9 Honors


HIGH SCHOOL: Summer Reading Letter 2016 (HS)

This letter was distributed to all 8th through 11th grade students in June. 


Students will be required to read a selected text that will jump-start the curriculum and prepare them to engage in conversations about the course they are entering. 

Please see the letter above and the links below for more specific information about the summer assignments. 

ALL Rising 9th grade students: Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck

ALL Rising 10th grade students: Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer

Rising juniors taking academic English: The Fifth Child, by Doris Lessing

Rising juniors taking AP English: Select one of the books from the list on the summer reading letter (above) and complete the AP Language and Composition Assignment 2016

Rising seniors taking academic English: Complete the Greek Theater Assignment

Rising seniors taking AP English: Read Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, and click here for related links and discussion questions to support your reading of the novel.





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