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The Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED) is the largest UK eco-community project experimenting in sustainable living. This report explains how urban planners are experimenting with designing homes to cope with the temperature rise predicted by 2080 to shut out the summer heat, conserve water and minimise energy. BedZED comprises homes with no central heating or air conditioning but instead makes full use of natural heating and lighting. The community boasts its own eco-friendly single generator of electricity and is able to capture rainwater which is then used for flushing toilets.
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Class Clips, Design
First broadcast:
11 June 2009

An illustration of how urban planners are preparing for the effects of global warming. Following the clip students could be asked to consider how structures need to meet the needs of sustainable communities. This might be achieved through getting them to design a system for recycling rainwater in a domestic dwelling. Research local authority guidelines and requirements on sustainable housing. Look at how the built environment is responding to the projected climate change and ways of minimising energy demand and reducing emissions to air, land and water.

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