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This guide aspires to be an exhaustive catalog of resources for finding dissertations and theses at Cornell. In addtion, it contains some resources for finding theses at other universities worldwide, including those subscribed to by the Cornell University Library. It is intended to be a stepwise guide to searching--a best practices and training guide for staff and library users alike. The term thesis is used to describe work at any level, undergraduate to doctoral. Dissertation is used to describe doctoral-level work.

Find out whether the document desired is a dissertation, a master's thesis, or an undergraduate (usually honors) thesis. Different types require different search strategies.

Dissertations and theses may be available as printed loose-leaf or bound manuscripts, on microfilm, or digitized (usually in PDF) full-text online.

If you are unable to locate a dissertation or thesis, please contact the Cornell University Library reference staff for assistance. If you have additional location information about finding tools for theses that should be added to this guide, please contact Olin Library reference, okuref[at]

  • Dissertation Abstracts Recent Dissertations related to the Middle East, the Arab World and Islam.

  • Islamic Studies Theses via EthOS (UK) Full-Text Doctoral Dissertations on Middle East and Islamic Studies Available Free. Free download of theses after registering (free). "Almost all UK universities make their theses available through the Service."  [Digital islam: Theses on EThOS Selected doctoral theses (860) in Islamic Studies from UK Higher Education Institutes.]

  • Supreme Council of Universities (Egypt). Egyptian Universities’ Libraries Consortium. Theses & "Draft Theses"

    • Masters and PhD of Egyptian researchers

    • Theses under study in Egyptian universities

  • Osmanlı Edebiyatı Bibliyografyası Veritabanı - The Online Bibliography of Ottoman-Turkish Literature, a free and extensive database of references to theses, books, articles, papers and projects relating to research into Ottoman-Turkish culture. Please visit the Turkish version of this site if your first language is Turkish. 

  • Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations in English on Arabic-Western Literary Relations, 1902-1997

  • THESES & DISSERTATIONS MIDDLE EAST STUDIES (University of Utah Marriott Library) Circulating copies of the theses and dissertations listed below are available in the University of Utah Marriott Library. Non-circulating copies of all Middle East Studies theses and dissertations, dating back to 1972, are available for review at the Middle East Center.

  • Morocco - Toubk@l In French. "catalogue national des thèses et mémoires" Database of citations. Includes abstracts but not full text of the theses. Theses are from Moroccan universities and universities outside Morocco.Produced by the Institut Marocain de l'lnformation Scientifique et Technique (IMIST)."

  • Al Manhal"Al manhal database (online theses) aims at promoting the consultation and downloading of theses, dissertations defended by members of the juries from different countries. Thanks to the services offered by the different cyber-theses and thesaurus of many universities, we put at the disposal of the researchers a huge number of considerable documents without geographically being limited to the Arab World and Turkey." [The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of Tunis. University of Tunis; The Cairo faculty of Letters; Cairo University. King Saoud University(KSA); King Abdu Aziz University (KSA)].

  • Dissertations - Middle East Studies - SAIS Research Guides

  • Laura Bier Dissertations in Middle East Studies from 2000-2007

  • Dissertations on al-Ghazali


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