Business Gcse Coursework 2011

Controlled Assessment

Useful Downloads

The marks for Unit 2 must be submitted electronically

GCSE Business Events
(WMV) 47MB

Agreement Trial PowerPoint Presentation - E-Moderation summer 2016
(PDF), Last Updated: 10 December 2015

Controlled Assessment Exemplar
(PDF), Last Updated: 19 August 2011

Controlled Assessment Exemplar Report
(PDF), Last Updated: 18 February 2014

Controlled Assessment Student Guide
(PDF), Last Updated: 20 January 2010

E-Moderation Summer 2016 Agreement Trials Handout
(PDF), Last Updated: 10 December 2015

Presentation for Agreement Trials
(PDF), Last Updated: 18 November 2013

Student Guidance Controlled Assessment
(PDF), Last Updated: 19 August 2011

Teacher Guidance Controlled Assessment
(PDF), Last Updated: 19 August 2011

In GCSE Business Studies, students must complete one controlled assessment task. We provide a range of tasks to choose from in September each year.

The controlled assessment task is worth 25 percent of the final award. It may test students on any aspect of the specification’s content.

Students have a time limit of 12 hours to carry out research for their chosen task. They then have a time limit of 3 hours to write a report. They must write this report within 4 weeks of completing their research. They must complete all aspects of the task independently.

Teachers mark the tasks using the criteria that we provide, and we moderate them.

For more information, see the specification.

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