Cmi Level 5 Assignments Due

Delegates who successfully complete the below courses will receive a CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management. Our programme maps to the following CMI Units:

Course: Effective Leadership

CMI Unit: 501-2V1 (Building a leader)

Credits: 7

Course: Emotional Intelligence

CMI Unit: 500-1V1 (Personal development as a manager and leader)

Credits: 6

Course: Leading Teams

CMI Unit: 500-3V1 (Managing team and individual performance)

Credits: 4.5 (Part A)

Course: Performance Management

CMI Unit: 500-3V1 (Managing team and individual performance)

Credits: 4.5 (Part B)

Course: Strategy & Innovation

CMI Unit: 500-6V1 (Conducting a management project)

Credits: 10

Course: Leading & Managing Change

CMI Unit: 500-5V1 (Meeting stakeholder and quality needs)

Credits: 6

Downloads & Information to support 

CMI Level 5 qualifications

CMI Level 5 in Leadership & Management downloads

CMBD is a fully approved Chartered Management Institute Centre and is committed to providing the best possible support for its learners. In this section you will find a wealth of information and help. Please explore and ask us if you can't find what you are looking for.

Audio Tutorials to help with Level 5 assignment writing

A general introduction to level 3 and 5 assignments, including guidance on which ones you need to do for your specific qualification.

A detailed look at the research and preparation required to write a level 5 assignment. Uses 5013 'Leadership Practice' as an example. Also covers the basic principles of referencing an assignment. You might also want to download and read Getting started on 5013

Assignment Briefs, mark schemes and direct links to the CMI study resource centre for each Level 5 unit. Note that you will need your user name and password from your CMI registration pack to access the study resources area. Please click the logo below to access Management Direct.

(Click the logo above. A wealth of information & discovery! You will need your CMI login details)

Assignment briefs and mark schemes for CMI Level 5 candidates. These are the usual certificate units, please email Brent Warren if you require other unit numbers. We recommend that you have a look at the mark schemes as they give a very clear idea of what your assessor will be looking for when your work is marked.

Assignment briefs Level 5

Assignment Brief 5001 (2017)
Assignment Template 5001
Mark Scheme 5001 (2017)
Management Skills Assessment Template (use this within 5001 to complete AC 1.2)

Assignment Brief 5003 (2017)
Assignment Template 5003
Mark Scheme 5003 (2017)

Assignment Brief 5013 (2017)
Assignment Template 5013
Mark Scheme 5013 (2017)

Handouts & links - Useful things to help you complete your Level 5 assignments

CMI (2017) Level 5 Syllabus (Very clear guidance as to what you should be writing in your assignments)

CMBD Ltd CMI policies and procedures
Assignment Action words guide (what does describe, analyse, evaluate etc, mean?)
Getting Started on 5013 (really helpful if you are stuck or just need to get started!)
Task 4 of unit 5013
How to reference in a Word document (link to Microsoft help page)

(Click the logo above. A wealth of information & discovery! You will need your CMI login details)



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