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Critical Appraisal Essay

Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation which mayimpair health. World Health Organization (WHO) states overweight and obesity as the fifth leadingrisk for global deaths. The fundamental causation is an energy imbalance between caloriesconsumption and expenditure. Overweight and obesity are preventable in presence of supportiveenvironments and communities, choosing healthier diets and regular physical activity. Withslimming and fitness centres mushrooming in town, I choose this theme in vain to curb obesity inMalaysia, (i.e. Weight-management service in community pharmacy) ranking 6


in Asia (2010).These approaches up-live the role of pharmacist towards community health care, acknowledging thegeneral view of acceptance. Search strategy used by accessing La Trobe¶s Library W (A-Z)Databases in search for Wiley Online Library and then typed in my keywords using the advancesearch option. Keywords are community pharmacy; weight-lost; weight-management. A total of 251results were obtained and is further filtered to 187 journals applicable. Sort for best match and daterespectively, selection made in accordance of my study:-1.

Community pharmacy contribution to weight-management: identifying opportunities;2.

The provision of current and future Healthy Weight Management (HWM) services fromcommunity pharmacies: a survey of community pharmacists¶ attitudes, practice andfuture possibilities.The first study conducted to determine the view and preference of the general public towardsweight-management services, along with participation of community pharmacies offering or would provide weight-management service; causative study. A pilot study is conducted in conclusion of thedesigned questionnaire construct µconfidence¶ in this context and understanding by respondents. Theauthor do points the outcome of results obtained, such as lacking of public awareness andgovernment initiatives. Method used (face-to-face questionnaires) is appropriate, enablingresearchers to observe and evaluate participants during study such as usage of 5-point Likert-typescale. However, even if respondents were to give the same answer, their interpretation may varyaccordingly. Hence, unstructured interview is superior in this respect in gaining completeinformation but intensify coding and analysis challenges. Face-to-face questionnaire enable rapiddata collection and purposive targeting of respondents with demographic characteristics accordingly.Enhancement of a full-spectrum study of a population is in advantage comparatively with postalsurveys. Appearance and demeanor of the interviewer may affect the responses of participant, presenting experimental bias and demand characteristic problem thus, trained and skilledinterviewers to combat this problem. The study setting accounts for not to set-up nearby pharmacies,twice visits at different times of day would minimise pharmacy users respondents and maximisechances of a variety participants. However in field research, researchers have lesser control over study sample depending on whom is presenting then.The purpose of second study was to derive baseline data of current weight-managementservices, attitude of pharmacists¶ towards the provision of current and future HWM services;causative study. A cross-sectional postal survey was conducted, permits useful development data in arelatively short period of time. However, generation effect may be influential towards confoundingthreatening the internal validity (i.e. age of pharmacists). A pilot study was conducted on three

A critical appraisal is a work, which evaluates the validity and reliability of the data in research. The assessment is usually done by specialists in the field to provide an expert opinion about a study. Sometimes, university students are asked to prepare a critical appraisal of articles or research papers, some of which may be used in their own dissertations. It is extremely hard to find a suitable outline sample for such work, as the paper organization depends on the parts presented in research that is being reviewed. Therefore, there can be thousands of possible variants of the structure. However, there is a general example, which can help you form an outline:

  • Introduction - presents detailed information about a study, which will be analyzed.
  • Summary - briefly describes a research, its purpose, methodology, and findings.
  • Discussion - evaluates the study using specific criteria.
  • Conclusion - summarizes the review and gives a final verdict on paper's significance and reliability.

The given outline is rather sketchy and designed only to give a basic understanding on how to write a critical appraisal paper. Although a discussion part looks very superficial, it is the largest in the whole work and the one that includes a thorough analysis of research. It is important to come up with the assessment criteria before writing a paper to give a proper evaluation of the study. It is impossible to apply the same set of criteria to different research works, which means that you will have to read the one you work with a few times to understand what methods to use to appraise it correctly. The only thing to remember is that reading is just a small part of an article review assignment, and your two main goals are the unbiased assessment and in-depth analysis.


World's most developed countries spend billions of dollars on research in different fields each year. Also, many independent laboratories and scientists receive funding not only from the government but also from other interested parties. Unfortunately, such great amount of money in a scientific sphere does not necessarily mean that the studies that are conducted are of a good quality. Some of them abound with errors and different kinds of bias, which lead to false results. However, science rarely forgives mistakes, and, therefore, it is important to detect them before the harm is done. That is why both students and experts write critical appraisal papers. They to differentiate good and bad research and provide a professional feedback on each of them to let others use only credible data. Hence, it is crucial to know how to prepare such kind of work and present everything properly.

The work that needs more attention than the others is a critical appraisal of practice papers. If the information in such kind of writings is wrong, it may result in someone's disability or even death. Therefore, it is vital to read the study carefully and look even for the minor omissions, as they can cause irreparable damage. This applies to any critical appraisal of a surgical paper. Many scientists and practitioners are looking for new ways to improve different kinds of surgeries and eventually decrease a death rate. They write a lot of works explaining how to make complicated surgeries or try more effective techniques on the patients. If you are a doctor, who wants to be engaged in the processes mentioned above, you need to know that you can trust the source you are using. Hence, you have to assess whether the study was conducted accurately and if it has shown good results not only on paper but also in practice. You may use the help of other practitioners not to miss anything, and provide others with your opinion, especially if you have seen the method work or have applied it yourself. Your professional peer review will help the colleagues in the field understand whether they are making a right choice trusting or not trusting a certain paper.

The similar kind of work is a critical appraisal of a medical paper. Deciding on the reliability of a treatment or a drug, doctors and nurses analyze the research works and RCTs to see if their patients will benefit from what is offered. They often look at critical appraisals of their medical associates to see whether others approve the study. Therefore, if you are writing an evaluation of a certain type of intervention or exposure, you have to show not only positive sides but devote most of your paper to negative outcomes to help others decide if the risks are worth it.

If you have read a lot of studies on the certain topic, you can even write a critical appraisal of systematic review on that particular topic to provide your opinion on whether the review accurately assesses the studies. You can point out where the author did go wrong, and where the bias did take place, in order to help that particular author to correct the mistakes and perfect the paper. Also, it will help the students and practitioners who are writing a systematic review on the same or the similar topic to avoid mistakes that have already been made by another writer, and consider your comments in their works.

Generally, assessment of any work that can severely affect people or environment has to be taken seriously, as your feedback may literally save or take lives. Hence, if you are not sure you have captured every important detail, let other specialists review a study and your appraisal. Experts from Pro-Papers are always ready to assist you in a work of such significance and analyze a research deeply to help you provide a decent and useful evaluation.

Whether you are a student or a scientist, you need to distinguish qualitative studies from the poor ones to conduct valid research and use only trustworthy information or methods in real life. However, you may not have enough time or data to assess a study meticulously, and it will not be professional to prepare the work hastily and carelessly. Luckily, you do not need to, as Pro-Papers is always here to support and assist you in writing good reviews. We have hundreds of specialists with PhDs in various fields, who are able to complete a critical appraisal of any scientific paper. You can fully trust their expert opinion as they have worked on researches for years and are familiar with hundreds of evaluation criteria for papers on different subjects. We are online 24/7, so you can count on us anytime! Buy book review or a critical appraisal from Pro-Papers and amaze a scientific world with a highly professional work.

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