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Every individual tends to have likes and dislikes in life. It is therefore easy to manage own life and those around if one understands their likes and dislikes. The people around should also be aware of your likes and dislikes not to be a nuisance without their knowledge. My life has been quite peaceful because of the ability to understand situations, factors and things that I like and dislike. Besides, I am always careful to learn similar issues, that is, likes and dislikes associated with people around me.

I like it when people have the right perspective about life, themselves and people around them. A person with right perspective of life acts as an asset to help others make better progress. They will always know and differentiate wrongs and rights. Individuals with right perspective of life are most likely to be supportive rather than always seeking help. Every time I associate with people having the right perspective of life is always productive and resourceful for my better performance.

I like to appreciate all kinds of achievements and good qualities for every individual I meet in life regardless of any negatives and barriers associated with them. Some people have bad quality of only pointing out negative issues in others and overlooking the positive side. I like to appreciate the good things other people do regardless of our differences in culture, race, ethnicity, and ideologies. The simple act of appreciating the good qualities and achievements matters most in uniting us all.

I like making and spending time with genuine friends. Such friends will rarely disappoint and always available whether life is easy or tough. Friends who will be available when celebrating and in sorrow. Holding your hand all time gives the courage to soldier on in life.

I like nature and I always feel good of every beautiful aspect of it. Nature has beautiful mountains, water bodies, and different kinds of animals, plants, insects and other living creatures. Moving around and observing these creations of nature gives me the reason to smile and admire a long lifespan.

I also have many dislikes which tend to separate me with some people. I do not like hypocrisy in people working or associating with me. It is ugly when people around you pretend to behave in a certain way only to please but have different beliefs and contrary actions when away. Hypocrisy prevents positive progress.

I dislike problems, life frustrations, difficulties and all kind of sorrows that are hard to be shared. Some life problems and challenges are very personal hence always hard to share with other people. It is a common understanding that problems shared are half solved. The inability to share makes the problems more frustrating and difficult to solve. Inability to share might be as a result of various issues such as nature of the problem or simply not trusting the other person.

I dislike proud people who do not care about others in life. Some individuals become lucky and in some way reach the top of achieving something like being rich. However, it is disappointing when such people do not remember those who are still down and also want to be pulled up. Being proud of own success is not bad, but it becomes a problem when pride takes over kind and caring heart.


I can’t pretend to be a great idealist or moralist. Thus I like a number of sources of enjoyment- Yes pictures are there. I would lie to enjoy programmes on TV and sometimes of radio too. But I would not like to sit at the idiot box all the time. There are good pictures; I have no liking for the pictures having too much display of sex and violence. There are some good serials and U.G.C programmes on the TV set. I like them. News on the TV is just reflection of His Master’s Voice –praise of government programmes. I have no liking for this propaganda of plans on paper only. They don’t recreate me. They bore me.

I have a liking for poems written by great romantic poets like Keats, Shelley and Wordsworth. I have a liking for the modern couplets too. Materialism is all around us. So I want to be in a land of fancy with birds, rivers, seaside, the little babe, the blue sky, the green fields and the snow clad mountains. I wish to have their close company. As it is not always possible I take resort to the beautiful poems. I like to identify myself with many romantic characters of good plays and poems. I may not like to be a leech gatherer but I have liked him. I like some great tragic heroes like Hamlet and King Lear. Ah! I couldn’t be with them.

I have rather a dislike for a person who talks much about himself. A teacher shifting to his autobiographical pieces has never inspired me. Being my teacher, I just don’t want to use the word dislike for him. But I can use it for my friends and class-mates. I don’t like the people who suffer from sense of superiority complex. Naturally I don’t like a large number of leaders and Ministers who would sing songs of their praise.

I have no liking for a large number of so called religious dignitaries who make their Ashrams, Mosques or Church their fiefdom and exploit the people.

I, of course, dislike the fanatic and fundamentalists who have been killing innocent people anywhere in the world. It is just a pity that they kill people in India, in the region I like the most-the valley below the snow clad Himalayan peaks. I will have to be satisfied with standing at Kanyakumari looking at the Sun diving in the confluence of three oceans and bow to the grace of the Almighty.

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