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Reflective Report Industry Experience During this module, I undertook work experience with two companies, Grass Roots Media and Bean Backstage. Both contrasting experiences and companies taught me a lot in two very different ways. Offering me the chance to experience both sides of the spectrum, live and Post production. Bean Backstage is a small but aspirational company ran by one woman, working across the country setting up positions for runners in live shows. I found this placement via Blackboard. Firstly I had to undergo a brief phone interview to ensure I had the right attitude for the position, Bean Backstage were looking for upbeat, friendly and organized runners that work well under pressure to help out backstage of the National Wedding Show Live (Pictured Right). This show is very large in its production and there were a lot of elements to make sure the entire show ran smoothly. I took on this placement for the entire four days of the show including a rehearsal day. The National Wedding Show Live was being filmed for commercial use for the wedding dress designers and the show itself, this was to be shown on television and online .The full live show which I worked on can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBaGtcAKaS4. Being a large and live production tensions between workers were often delicate, the stylist, designers, models and producers were all under immense pressure to ensure their elements of the show ran smoothly, this often led to disagreements between them during the show and in one scenario, resulted in a scene from the show being removed, after a disagreement between the stylist and designer of a wedding dress. Being surrounded by this atmosphere was daunting, but a great learning experience for me to practice how to stay calm in the most stressful situations. Which is a common element of many production environments. My role with Bean Backstage took place backstage of the main event of the fashion show for The National Wedding Show Live itself. This meant I was acting in a large team of runners to ensure the fashion show ran smoothly. On the rehearsal day all of the runners on the set were unfamiliar with each other, with little guidance, a lot of the runners were confused and therefore silent in the times when we had to simply wait around. I find this happens a lot with people of my age group, but by simply talking, introducing some ice-breakers and getting to know the others was a good experience to make contacts and network and helped us to come together as a team. My main responsibility during the show was to dress the model I was assigned (pictured right) in the correct garments, correctly placed within, sometimes as little as 10 seconds, between the 14 scenes of the show, which took place 4/5 times a day. I had to quickly learn and memorize each of the 14 outfits and be held responsible for the maintenance of them and my assigned model themselves throughout the 4 days. Being assigned a male model this meant I had to place trousers, shirt, a waistcoat, blazer, shoes, tie/cravat/bowtie and pocket-handkerchief all within the short time frame I was given. Having no experience in dressing, this was an overwhelming task for me on the first day, and as the leaders were very busy, I was left with little guidance. To help myself I brought in sticky notes to attach to the clothes and noted down each outfit and its elements in a chart, so for each scene I could refer to my paper to know exactly what I needed to dress and in what way. As the days went on I got used to the outfits and familiar with the orders and soon found the task much easier and I eventually had spare time between the scenes. I used this time efficiently; as soon as my model was dressed for his scene, I would quickly go and help the other dressers, my help even went as far as running to get equipment for the filming crew between scenes. I chose to do this in order to network with a more film related environment and ended up getting the contact details of videographer for possible future work. I was commended for my efforts in helping the other runners and crew backstage. Within our industry experience classes we were taught to try and solve any problems we faced, before alerting the leaders to not interrupt them at busy times. I applied this during my placement; I found issues with makeup on the models transferring onto the shirts, to combat this, without further stressing the production team, I took my own initiative and bought stain removing wipes in-between shows, this was noticed by the head stylist and I was given a free lunch to thank for my efforts. In this way, I feel the course helped me to be recognized on this placement and I have consequently been contacted again by Bean Backstage to help out on another show. Working with Bean backstage, although not directly linked to my intended career path, I felt this placement gave me a step forward into experiencing running. I learnt many transferable skills, which I otherwise wouldn’t have known. Having practice working in an environment on a very specific time scale and working within a large group of new people are both very valuable experiences, which will aid me specifically in future running positions as I will be able to apply my practiced know-how of working on a live show and set. I went on to do another placement, this time with a company called Grass Roots Media; I chose to do this placement, as I wanted some further experience, which was more directly tailored, to my future goals in videography. Grass Roots Media is a rather small company that works to produce YouTube videos for children’s toys/hair/games and more. I was working within a team of 3 professional editors. The small team was very friendly and close-knit; they were relaxed and even had an office dog, which reiterated the welcoming attitude of the company. My placement with Grass Roots Media was a much different atmosphere to my first placement with Bean Backstage. These contrasting environments meant I was able to take differing key experiences from both of my placements. My role with Grass Roots Media was as an editor, editing the children’s videos they created for publishing on Youtube as the company needed an extra pair of hands, as they were behind on their deadlines. Before starting this placement I was given a short phone interview to ensure I had the right attitude and experience that they needed in order to fulfill the tasks they would be setting. Taking on the notes I received in the Interview practice undertook in the Industry Experience Module, I successfully passed the phone interview, also led strongly by my show reel, and I was offered the placement. On my first placement at Grass Roots media I was planned to work from 9am-6pm. Arriving at the offices, the employers were friendly and welcoming. They sat me down at a desk with a MacBook, Hard drive and Final Cut Pro X and briefed me on how they wanted the videos to look. I was given 10 hairstyle videos to edit, each of which to be around 5-10 minutes. Sometimes these hairstyles were very complex. I had to apply great attention to the details of the hairstyles to make sure its intended audience of children could follow the continuity of the video on Youtube, this sometimes was challenging, but a good experience. Working at Grass Roots media was a rather antisocial experience as each editor was busy with their headphones on as we were all working to try and meet the deadlines. This was however helpful and aided me to complete the videos quicker whilst also providing my full attention to them. I enjoyed this placement a lot as I was given a lot of creative freedom with the videos, as the employee mentoring me had seen my show reel on Vimeo and trusted me to be able to edit to the standard they desired. This creative freedom gave me the independence to use my skills to impress and produce a high standard of editing for the company. I used all of my knowledge to add effects, transitions, color, and style to the videos accordingly, to go above and beyond the brief. Working as an editor I faced no problems, being experienced with Final Cut Pro X aided me greatly for this. I ended up finishing editing the videos two hours early, which meant I was able to help with other tasks including uploading the videos to social media, and acting as a social media representative, talking to users online and getting them involved in the videos. Due to my efficiency and high standard of editing, I was offered a role the following week to work for a day as a paid editor. This was brilliant for me as I the got to continue my experience, but work as a true member of the team. Returning the following week for the paid role, I already understood what I had to do and was treated as equally as the other employers, which was very rewarding to feel part of the team. On this day, I was again editing the children’s videos, but this time more complex editing and research was needed. The videos were Play-Doh eggs unboxing’s and tutorials for creating a Play-Doh cake. Inside of these creations were mini figurines of popular children’s toys. Being out of touch with today’s children’s characters, I had to Google each character’s visible traits to find out the name to display on the video. Editing these videos was at times, a draining task as I spent the entire day sat in the same spot, going back and forth and very in-depth on Google to find out specific character names, proving very monotonous, however I believe most of the time this is a trait of editing itself, rather than the placement. Working with a friendly team, often they would involve me in their conversations, and help me to find the specific characters, which helped this monotonous task progress swiftly. Talking to the employers whilst doing my set tasks, I found out the Manager of the company was organizing to shoot a Documentary film, I spoke with her about my own experience on the Recording Reality module of my course. Through this, I was offered a further placement to help out on the Documentary film, which I will be helping with over summer. Being surrounded in a more film related environment, in comparison to the Bean Backstage work, was much more rewarding and whilst also learning, I enjoyed the experience and had the gratifying opportunity to network with the right kind of people to help my future career goal as a videographer. It was a great experience. Both of my work placements were good learning experiences for me, I was able to learn a lot from the contrasting environments. I felt that in both situations the Industry Experience Module helped me within the roles to make an impact and be remembered by both the companies. Working with Bean backstage, although this line of work is not my ideal career path, running on the set gave me good experience into the workings of being a runner, something I intend to do in the future. Working with Grass Roots Media I was able to have first hand experience into a career path I would like to further myself in. During this placement my interest in pursuing a career as an editor has been heightened as I thoroughly enjoyed my placement and felt I had a lot to give and take from the role. This module has helped me to decide what I want to do in the future and given me the confidence and know-how to continue to keep taking part in work placements.


Examples of Reflective Assignments

Always know what is being asked of you.

Make sure you respond to what is being asked of you in your reflective assignments — avoid guesswork.

Study your marking rubric so you know how your work will be marked and evaluated. If you don’t understand anything, discuss with your class peers but it’s always a good idea to seek further clarification with your lecturer/tutor.

Below are examples of reflective assignments you might be asked to do during your first year at Curtin. You can use these as practice examples to strengthen your reflective writing skills.

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In this weekly reflective journal you are being asked to describe a particular experience and how this made you feel. First you would briefly describe the experience/event. Then you would explore your own feelings and beliefs around what had happened, comparing/contrasting and making connections with what you have learned in your lecture/tutorial and readings. Remember that you must make it clear in your writing when you are drawing on other people’s ideas, and if using scholarly texts (set readings) then cite them in the appropriate reference style.

This assignment asks you to write an essay based on taking two online self-assessment tests. Not only are you being asked to compare and contrast your results but you are being asked to conduct an analysis, which also includes reflecting on your understanding/perceptions of your emotional make up and countering this with the appropriate theories you are learning in the unit. Here you are moving beyond what you just think and feel but consolidating your ideas with the theoretical concepts you are learning and referencing them appropriately. Note some assignments will indicate how many texts you are expected to use. As rule of thumb it would be no less than 5 for an essay of this length. This essay requires you write in the first person but it is still an academic essay and thus all the rules of general academic writing would apply.

Here you are being asked to critique in a constructive way your group participation and those of your group members. Although there is no suggestion that you need to draw on scholarly texts to support your thinking, there is an emphasis on applying the theoretical and practice-based concepts you are learning. For example, in terms of participation and interaction, you would be reflecting on what you and other members contributed to the group; what skills sets you and your members are providing to the group and what skill sets are lacking. Although this is a personal reflection on a series of events during group work, your focus is on professional practice and considering how you represent the behaviour of others in your writing.


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