University Puget Sound Supplemental Essay Example

The Questions

We designed the questions to help us find students who will thrive inside and outside the classroom, who are smart in ways that aren’t necessarily quantifiable. These essays, along with the Common Application and essay, teacher and counselor evaluations, and high school transcripts, will allow us to fully evaluate the potential of a student at Puget Sound.

If you’ve started your application to Puget Sound, you may have already seen the two questions. If you haven’t started your application yet (why haven’t you?!), here they are: 


Describe a goal. Any goal. But it has to be your goal, and you have to have set it for yourself. Provide an example that demonstrates your work ethic to achieve this goal, how long you have been working towards this goal, and whether your efforts thus far have been successful. (100 words)


Describe a community with which you identify. How long have you been a part of this group, and how have you contributed? How has it helped shape who you are today? How has it helped prepare you to be a successful member of the Puget Sound community? (100 words)

How to Apply

First, be yourself. Puget Sound is a place to be who you are and continue on a path of positive personal growth.

Through a holistic admission process, we look for intellectually engaged individuals passionate about actively participating as a member of the Puget Sound community. With every new class, we welcome diverse worldviews, wide-ranging interests, and novel life experiences to campus.

We invite you to do your research and decide if Puget Sound is indeed the right fit for you. Once you decide to apply, follow the links below for your specific application instructions — first-year, transfer, graduate, or international student.

Have questions or can’t find something? We’re here to help.

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