Hoffman Academy Lesson 13 Homework

There are a few things you can do to help with tension in your hand. Try starting practice time with a little bit of gentle finger stretching. Open and close your hands several times, then shake them out and let them hang loose. Then, while playing, make a conscious effort to keep each finger in a relaxed, curved shape. Don’t worry if it takes a while to get the hang of it–just be patient with yourself and keep working at it. You can also try this exercise: Step away from the piano for a minute and find a hard surface like a table or your piano bench. Rest your fingers on the surface in a relaxed, curved position, then gently lift each finger one at a time while keeping your other fingers and wrist relaxed and still. Also, try applying gentle pressure to the surface one finger at a time – there should be basically no movement in your hand, but you’ll feel your muscles working as each finger presses down. These may seem like little things, but it’s a great way to focus on developing correct finger posture and to develop your muscles. I’d also recommend you review our blog post about keeping fingers relaxed at the keyboard. I hope that helps!

Get your music on proper with free online piano lessons at the amazing Hoffman Academy.

So much better than a brick and mortar music teacher... At least any of the ones I have been exposed to:

Take the first clumsy and kinda embarrassing steps towards becoming a classically trained musician in the privacy of your own home. ...
Enjoy the infinite patience of the internet by reviewing lessons and pausing or replaying videos as often as you like.
Mr. Hoffman is not only the nicest person I have ever even heard about he is also an excellent teacher and a highly talented pianist.

Thanks to Mr Hoffmann's admirable teaching style, his superb virtual learning aids, and the way the Hoffman Academy's curriculum begins by teaching the very basics of music, in just a few short hours I have:

Learned what beats, rhythms, and notes are and how they come together to make songs.
Learned what the musical alphabet is and how to play it on the keyboard forwards, backwards, and in a loop.
Learned what the Solfege system for learning pitch is and how to sing it forwards, backwards, and in a loop.
Learned how to play hot cross buns, five woodpeckers, frog in the middle, and a song called chocolate with my right hand, my left hand, and with both of my hands at the same time.
I also learned how to play all of those songs in the D major pentatonic scale and kinda understand the importance of being able to do so...
Written my very first composition for the keyboard: f ga b cd cd c!

So really I started this because I am having the children do it as part of their homeschool curriculum and for whatever reason I can't seem to make them do stuff I am not willing to do as well... Just doesn't seem right...

However; I instantly recognized the quality of the program and through Mr Hoffmann's obvious passion for teaching the subject I have developed a new awareness of the value of a good musical education.

I am perfectly thrilled about being a student of the never adequately extolled Hoffman Academy of Piano Music and I recommend Mr. Hoffmann's lessons unreservedly.

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