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3SCO Supporting Change Assignment

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3SCO – Supporting Change within Organisations Introduction to E.ON
E.ON UK is a leading energy company and is amongst the big 6 energy suppliers. It was established in 2002 through the acquisition of Powergen and now has the second largest electricity generator in the UK and owns the second largest distribution network in the UK. E.ON UK employs over 10,800 staff and has 97 sites including customer contact centres, offices, wind farms, technology centres, training academies and power stations. E.ON UK is part of E.ON who is the world’s largest investor-owned energy service provider, where its headquarters are based in Germany. E.ON UK has over 8 million customers and has a vision to be our customers’ trusted energy partner.
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This may have been because it was such a transformative change, whereas smaller changes would perhaps be approached by ‘consulting’ or even ‘joining’.

The CIPD (2010) states that the three essential aspects of successful change are “leadership, people and planning”. It is essential that any approach to change considers and incorporates these three elements. Communication is another vitally important aspect in managing change as employees should know what is happening and, more importantly, why it is happening. This links to ‘Unfreezing’ in Lewin’s (1951, cited in Leatherbarrow et al, 2010) Three-Phase Model of Change; If employees understand the reason for change, they are likely to have a more open mind with regards to accepting it.

When discussing different approaches to change the CIPD (2014) states that “organisational forms are themselves evolving. Therefore, the change management response will have to be adaptive”. Therefore highlighting that the approach taken to change management needs to be modified as appropriate to the organisation and the change that is occurring.

Behavioural responses to change
Although each person’s reaction will vary, it is useful to refer to Kubler-Ross’ (1960, cited in Martin et al, 2010, p313) Change Curve when looking at employees behavioural reactions to change.

...Change Management Essay (By: Reem Fahmy - Egypt) Background: Co. X was one of the pioneers that produced Egypt's first packaged dairy products. By the mid 1990s, it led tremendous expansions & grew to be a highly-respected household name for dairy, yogurt and juice products. In 2007, Co. X's founder & chairman, took a strategic decision to raise capital in order to finance further expansions through issuing an IPO in two years time. At the time, the company was perceived to be a family business that has been a market leader for years primarily due to its heritage. In parallel, there were persistent rumours that Al Marai, a dairy market leader in the gulf, was planning to put a huge investment to enter the Egyptian market. Consequently, the founder decided that this anticipatory change approach called re-orientation - as per Nadler & Tushman (1989) - entailed recruiting a team of senior executives with a solid multi-national background to lead the corporate restructure & uplift the company's image, since companies with well structured leadership teams were highly valued in the stock exchange. The arrival of the new deputy chairman: When the new deputy chairman entered his office in early 2007, Co. X's employees had mixed feelings. He had outstanding credentials given his 30 years experience at P&G in different countries, however, it was obvious that he was extremely sharp, pragmatic, impatient & ruthless. He spent his first month...


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