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Throughout time, cars have always been advertised in the most popular form of ad: magazines, newspapers, television, the internet, etc. Cars have always been easy to advertise because of their constant demand in American society. People need them to go to work, to go on vacation, and to visit friends. Ever since they have been invented, cars have been the absolute need for anyone. Kids cannot wait to get their driver’s licenses, celebrities are always looking for the hottest (and most expensive) car, and families want to be up-to-date with the latest technology in cars. Cars advertisements are effective because they develop a need in consumers, and are not as effective if the ads do not contain a picture or video; Further, the older ads appeal to the same needs as the newer ads, however the ads have changed over time.
In the 1975 Chevrolet commercial, the song and announcer basically tell the audience watching the commercial that the Chevrolet is as American as baseball, apple pie, and hotdogs. This tells the audience the car is something that the consumers need in order to be fully American. The Chevrolet commercial had a catchy tune and would probably be a good radio advertisement, but it was much better with the video that went along with it. The people were happy and were enjoying their lives, and the video created a sense of nostalgia. The tune itself might create some kind of nostalgia, but the video is so touching that it could make anyone want to buy a new Chevy. In the mid 70’s, the Chevrolet commercial sent a message saying that their car was as American as apple pie, hotdogs, and baseball.
In the 1988 commercial for Volkswagen, the actress shows the necessity of the car when she throws away all other material goods besides the clothes on her back. She gives up everything but the car.   The song may create a sense of nostalgia in the commercial, but unless the video is shown it makes no sense and it just feels like the audience is listening to the...

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Car Advertisement Essay

Car Advertisement

The aim of this piece of coursework is to work in groups to produce a
car advertisement, which breaks traditional representation.

I watched and deconstructed an advertisement for a SAAB car. I thought
about stereotyping. I then produced a;

· Storyline

· Storyboard

· Evaluation

for my groups advertisement.

The SAAB advertisement is trying to sell the car to me.

It implies that the car is a more powerful form of transport as a jet

SAAB Make Jets.

In the following section I will be showing how my group and me
deconstructed a SAAB advertisement.

Deconstructing the Advertisement -

Storyline -

A man gets into a car and drives onto a road on a twist quarry cliff
on a cloudy day. He speeds round the corners coming centimetres from
falling of the edge of the cliff. Every 5 seconds there is a black
screen with a caption telling you something about what the car has.
The car continues along the edge of the cliff and stops dead on the
edge of the cliff, when a shot of the underneath of a jet fly's over
head. The SAAB logo then appears.

The following captions are shown:




The car is shown in a way of power rather than standard features such
as lots of trunk space and re-enforced bumpers.

Since the car is seen to be fast they show a jet at the end of the

When the jet fly's over the car, the pilot is using phonetics. It
reads, Sierra (S), Alpha (A), Alpha (A), Bravo (B) - (SAAB)

The advertisement is aimed at males.

My Advertisement -

Before I create my advertisement I will demonstrate what a
stereotypical man want from a car, and what a stereotypical woman
would want from a car.

Traditionally Men are supposed to have big, loud and sporty looking
cars with a big engine.

Traditionally Woman are supposed to have a small, smooth running and
enough space in the trunk to hold the weekly shopping.

The car I will be advertising will be called the "Magnifico". I need a
slogan for the car and because of the cars name I and the rest group

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